Security tag on clothes

After a very long time, I actually did some mall shopping. With a few functions around the corner, I needed some formal clothes, and nothing like fitting them out in a store before buying. The trial, selection and checkout was quick, and just in time to beat the evening traffic. On reaching home, while retrying the clothes to ensure no post-purchase dissonance, I found that one of the security tags was still on the garment. It was surprising that the sensors at the store had not detected it. It saved possible embarrassment of an alarm going off, and also time, but here I was with the prospect of going back all the way to the store to get the tag removed.

My sons decided to try themselves. The aim was to get the tag off without damaging the garment or destroying the tag. There are many suggestions on the internet, but none of the ones that are less violent worked. Finally they used a screwdriver. Firm prying under the pin with the screwdriver was able to loosen the plastic casing and it came apart, releasing the pin and the interior contents.

Here is what is inside the RFID security tag.

Inside the rfid tag


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