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A bygone Langford Road home

When thinking about my growing up years, there are a few homes I recall with much fondness. Homes I never lived in, but where my brother and I spent hours with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

59 Langford Road was one. Close to Norris Road/Rose Lane where we lived, we would often walk up or cycle there. On weekends for sure, but also on weekdays after doing homework. Sometimes mom would leave us there if she had things to do on her own, and sometimes she would come along.

Langford Road 59 in 1983

59 Langford Road (circa 1983)

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Residents at Puttenahalli Lake

Over the last few years, Puttenahalli Lake has become a safe haven to several species of birds. To date, birdwatchers have spotted over 90 species at the lake, documented on eBird. Some species are large and visible, and easy to photograph, while others give us only fleeting glimpses of themselves. Some have made the lake their home, while others visit during favourable times, or perhaps just for a change of environment.

During an afternoon visit to the lake the other day, quite a few birds were wading and flying around. And it was a good feeling to be able to capture some of them on camera. I finally got to see the Spot-billed Ducks in the lake waters for real!

four species

Spot-billed Ducks, Indian Pond Heron, Eurasian Coot, Jungle Myna

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In bloom at Puttenahalli Lake

Flowers everywhere. Spotted about 25 different kinds. On trees, shrubs, creepers… in water and on land… in their full glory at Puttenahalli Lake.

Puttenahalli Lake

Puttenahalli Lake

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Rain floods in the erstwhile lake bed

Yesterday it poured in Bangalore! 44 mm of rain in three hours according to weather reports (see here). Many roads almost became rivers, and many low-lying areas almost became ponds. After all, rain water from the roads and catchment areas needs to flow somewhere. If not into storm water drains, where ever it finds its way.

Today’s TOI newspaper shows the flooding at the centrally-located Kanteerava Stadium. One feels sad at the destruction caused. Creation of infrastructure on a lake bed (yes, Kandeerava Stadium is built on Sampangi Lake), combined with inadequate planning is surely a recipe for rain floods. Read more…

A pleasure to walk

When the footpath is wider than the road for motorised vehicles, you know that the pedestrian is getting his space back. And when the space is shared with cyclists, you know that the city is evolving. What a pleasure… to leisurely walk the Museum Road-St.Marks’s Road stretch!

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Shaktivel Idliwala

The idlis looked inviting. More importantly, my stomach was growling. I watched the elderly man in his apron for a couple of minutes. There was a continuous stream of customers and one could say that business was brisk. It was close to lunch time and I couldn’t wait till I reached home that was a two-and-a-half km walk away.


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The Begum’s blooming Bauhinias

Bauhinia variegata

The ‘Residency’ in Lucknow is a township built by the Nawabs of Awadh for the British Residents, tracing back to 1774 AD. The 40-odd acre historical site consists of the ruins of several once-imposing buildings, and is one of the must-see sightseeing spots of Lucknow, having been declared a monument of national importance. It was the main centre of the revolt of 1857, and subjected to a five-month-long siege by the rebel forces in Lucknow.

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