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Dusk at Puttenahalli Lake

A visit to Bangalore is incomplete without a visit to the JP Nagar Puttenahalli Lake. This Diwali holiday, it was late evening, and as I rushed down the Brigade Millennium Avenue alone, I was happy to bump into one of my former neighbours, Meena, who said it was a while since she visited the lake. We went together, chatting about our children, and made it to the lake just before daylight vanished.

A splash of yellow Coreopsis flowers against the blue tranquil waters make a pretty picture indeed! It was almost a year since my last visit. Last year too there was a lot of water, so the lake itself did not look different. But this year the trees looked much bigger, washed clean, greener and more lush.

Lake 1

Lake 2

Lake 3

As we made our way along the pathway, we were struck by the richness of the island’s foliage. Many years ago, a single date palm was all that was there. Now, this date palm, though still head above the rest, could go unnoticed by a first-time visitor. We spotted one bird in flight, one lone egret.

Lake 4

The line of coconut trees in the erstwhile neighbouring coconut grove could well be a scene from the backwaters of Kerala.

Lake 5

This dry sheesham tree at the viewing deck looks like an artist’s installation. The boys playing on their mobiles were probably oblivious to its background. I had got it as a sapling during a visit to the Golden Temple, Amritsar.  While it grew well for a few years, something seems to have happened, causing it to dry out.

Lake 6

In half an hour we had walked back to the entrance. By now it was dark, and the waters were lit by the electric lights of the neighbourhood.

Lake 7

Then all of a sudden, we saw movement in the water. Boating was anyway not allowed, so we wondered who could be in the water in the darkness. We soon saw the nets and figured that it was the fishermen, setting out to work in a coracle. They were placing their nets for the unsuspecting catch. With abundant water, fish must be aplenty for them.

Lake 8

Till next time…

Pics taken at Puttenahalli Lake, dusk 21st October 2017
using an iPhone 7


The Dingy Bushbrown

It’s not everyday that one sees a pretty flying creature inside a 9th floor apartment in Mumbai. One that is not a pest or predator that is.

I watched it, settled on the floor for a little while. Ran to the cupboard and grabbed my camera, returning to find that it had not moved. Then it fluttered off and I followed, not to let it get out of sight. As long as it was not being bothered, it was fine sitting at a spot for a few minutes. But I guess I kept bothering it, trying to get close. I switched lenses for better shots. The light was not good so I needed the flash. Carpet, floor, kitchen towel… it settled here and there. The pictures didn’t come easily, but the effort was satisfactory! And then it vanished.

Dingy Bushbrown

As I pored over my butterfly books trying to ID it, I was amazed at how many different butterflies look like this. Differences are so minute that they could easily be passed over. Dingy (or Common) Bushbrown butterfly (Mycalesis perseus) it seems to be.

Dingy Bushbrown 1

Dingy Bushbrown 2

Dingy Bushbrown 3This morning I found that it was still inside the house. Poor thing, I thought. It must have spent the night searching for a space to escape. Or maybe it just rested. With the lights switched on, it started flying around like the night before. I gently opened a window and the cool morning air flowed in. The butterfly found its way out… to freedom.

The Badminton Ball Tree on G’ma’s 97th

On my grandmother’s 90th birthday, on 19th September 2010, she planted two saplings at Puttehahalli Lake.

The first was a Kadamba, that along with most of the other saplings planted on that stretch did not survive. The ground underneath has a lot of plastic, and this could be one of the reasons. The area is now a butterfly garden with lots of shrubs.

Kadamba tree planting

The Kadama did not survive, but I do so like this pic with my mom, g’mom and me! (taken by Usha)

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Ganesha speaks

The Ganesha festival at our apartment complex in Mumbai, is never complete without the inter-wing Rangoli competition.

The ladies (we haven’t had gentlemen interested in taking part) take a lot of effort in designing the rangolis, deciding on the materials they would use, preparing the colours (yes, some colours are made at home), and then drawing and finishing their art works. The theme was “Go Green”, so all the rangolis had to be centred around this.

It was indeed hard work! With six wings, there were finally six beautiful pieces of rangoli for us to enjoy. And through each of them, Ganesha speaks.

Thanks to Meeta for sharing the pictures.

The rain is no dampener

Continuous rains have lashed the city since the early hours of today. Lokhandwala Circle hasn’t got flooded since it was relaid a couple of years ago, but today was different.

The road became a river, washing away whatever could not resist the force of the swiftly moving water.


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India’s performance at the IAAF World Championship 2017

The IAAF World Championship, London 2017 that concluded yesterday, saw several unexpected results. Driven by Usain Bolt’s last competition appearance, I tracked the daily results, often staying awake late or waking up early to see some of the events live.

100m start IAAF 2017

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10 years of IPL

Today, as the 10th IPL gets underway, we look back to our first IPL experience. It was 28th May 2008. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. Memories captured with a simple phone camera.

Grandfather and the four of us made it to the ground early. Early enough to get our faces painted and get seated among loads of empty chairs. Our support clear from our RCB colours. The rain gods opened up the sky and there were points when we were apprehensive about seeing anyone bowl or bat.

The match finally did take place. Reduced overs, but with a good crowd.img052.jpg

And we took selfies with my non-selfie mobile phone.

The last IPL 2016, we watched at home in Mumbai, still die-hard RCB supporters.


RCB loyalty well rewarded… Kohli, de Villiers, Gayle and Watson, all on one T-shirt! Thanks to cousin Rajesh who is with RCB support staff.

Good luck RCB.


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