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Colourful campaigning at Lokhand

“Lokhand has become important… See how the Chief Minister has felt the need to come here.” This was Santosh, talking to his mother Sarita, during the CM Fadnavis’ visit to Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali East on 12th Feb 2017, to campaign for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections.


Santosh is 18 years old and will be voting for the first time ever, on 21st Feb. He lives in a chawl, with his father, a security guard and mother, a house-helper. He has lived in the area all his life and seen the “development” of the high rises of Lokhandwala Township through these growing-up years. He cannot recall any CM having visited before and dragged his mom to the meeting, to get a glimpse. A couple of his college friends are also in the crowd.

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Memories of Sacred Heart Girls’ High School

Skimming through the household albums, I came across these photographic memories of Sacred Heart Girls’ High School, that my mom, Rukmani Nair, safely saved away.

Mom was a Girl Guide at school. Her sisters Leela and Ramani were Guides too. Leela aunty was in fact a President’s Guide. Mom’s memories are not just in the photos. As a child, I recall that there used to be a steel box at home, and in it she had kept her guide uniform, along with her neckerchief (scarf) and biretta. Not to mention, several badges, that she had worked hard to earn. They all would still be somewhere at home. She was quite keen that I should become a Guide, but the school I went to didn’t have Guides.


Sacred Heart Girls’ High School – Girl Guides 6th Company, 1961

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The Rhino at Lokhandwala

Residents of Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali East were surprised to see a massive strange figure, all wrapped up in cloth, fixed at a newly made junction in the locality. This was some weeks ago.

The figure, as it turned out, was a large animal sculpture. It was unveiled recently, and the junction was formally inaugurated and christened Sant Jnaneshwar Chowk. From the front, though, the sculpture is currently not visible, hidden by massive hoardings.


Painted a bright blue, it took a while to figure out the figure.

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Mela at Lokhandwala Township

The mela in Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali East, ends today! It’s been on for ten days, and I dropped by last night, just to take in the crowd.


Saturday evening crowd

There was something for everyone… those who wanted to shop, eat, play games, enjoy rides and just have fun. I used my modest phone to capture some of the moments. Read more…

Domlur 7th Cross, Then and Now

My maternal grandparents lived in Domlur in a quaint grey-and-pink house. Mosquitoes notwithstanding (Domulu means mosquitoes in Telugu), visits to Domlur during our  school/college days were frequent. At least once a week. Even later, when I moved out of Bangalore, trips to the city always included multiple visits to 292, 7th Cross, Domlur Extension.

292 7th Cross Domlur circa 1971

Circa 1971: 292, 7th Cross, Domlur Extension

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Demonetisation on the mind

Soon after Prime Minister Modi announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on the night of 8th November, the social media busy-bodies and creative types were back in action! Over the past weeks, I’ve saved some of the interesting images shared by miscellaneous people in miscellaneous Whatsapp groups, before they get lost to time. Done a bit of my own too!



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Film shooting at Lokhandwala Circle

6th November 2016: There was excitement at Lokhandwala Township this Sunday morning. Word was out that there were vanity vans parked on the hill slope going up from Lokhandwala Circle. Some ad shoot probably. But no. From security guards, we learnt that Sidharth Malhotra and Jaqueline Fernandez were in the vicinity!

From our home we have a bird’s eye view of Lokhandwala Circle, the activity centre of the township. This is the place for public meetings, protests, festivities and promotions. Earlier that morning, we had seen a group of motorbikes from the Kranti Maratha Morcha, setting out for their planned protest demanding reservation for education and jobs. Even after they left, the crowds around the circle, and the policemen still hung around. It was then that we realised that the “shoot” was going to happen right under our eyes!

From the trial runs, we figured that cars were clearly a part of the shoot. There was one scene shot with the camera mounted on the bonnet of the car.


The camera car

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