Exercising during lockdown

No morning runs, no evening walks. No socialising and meeting friends. Stay at home and only at home, exercise in your homes for a few days.  These were the general instructions given to people in India regarding exercising during the lockdown that began on 25th March.

In some of the other countries where there is lockdown, Singapore for example, citizens have been told that they can go out to the nearby parks to exercise, while ensuring that the social distancing rule is not being broken. After all, exercise and sunlight and fresh air are important to keep healthy. And the air outside is indeed as fresh as it has ever been in years!

foolish humans

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A bygone Langford Road home

When thinking about my growing up years, there are a few homes I recall with much fondness. Homes I never lived in, but where my brother and I spent hours with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

59 Langford Road was one. Close to Norris Road/Rose Lane where we lived, we would often walk up or cycle there. On weekends for sure, but also on weekdays after doing homework. Sometimes mom would leave us there if she had things to do on her own, and sometimes she would come along.

Langford Road 59 in 1983
59 Langford Road (circa 1983)

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Akurli Road Skywalk Sights

The Kandivali East skywalk from Kandivali Railway Station to The Western Express Highway on Akurli Road is about one km long. One can walk this clear stretch in about 10 to 15 minutes. Quite unlike what would happen if one chose to walk on the road. Much of the newly laid footpaths and widened parts of the road are occupied by vendors offering products and services of every kind – vegetables, vada-pav, vessels, clothes, bedsheets, newsppers, fortune telling, hair cutting, bag repair… You name it and you will find it! During peak hours, the street is extremely busy. Pedestrians and shoppers jostle for foot space and are forced to weave their way through the slow-moving shared autos and other traffic to move towards their destinations.

If one is not in a hurry, the skywalk offers a bird’s-eye view of unique sights that are easily missed or unseen when walking on the obstacle course down below. Here are a few skywalk sights at around 5 p.m. on a Saturday evening during the monsoon, but on a day when it did not rain… from the station to the highway.

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