The World’s Tallest Statue

After going to Vadodara, how can one not make a visit to the Statue of Unity, the tallest statue in the world?  The schedule of the Masters Games that was held in the city was such that our basketball team doubted we could make it. All we were doing was to go to the Sama Indoor Sports Complex for practice, play matches, and cheer our other teammates who had competitions at the same venue.

Only on the day of our finals was it announced that the organisers had done some rescheduling so as to leave the Sunday fully free. We were quite fortunate to have taken a ride that morning with a taxi driver Hitesh, with a very pleasing and respectful personality. We’d saved his number in case we needed it. Over the days of competition, many of the athletes had done the trip and told us how they went about it – public bus, private tours, vans, etc. We needed to be able to go to the statue and return to Vadodara in time for those who were catching an early evening flight back home, and Hitesh’s taxi service was ideal to do this for us.

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On the new Tejas Express

“Faster, premium and state of the art train travel” is what the Tejas Express offers. Commencing 19th January 2020, this is the second private train in India, run by IRCTC.

On 4th Feb 2020, I caught this new train no. 82901 at Borivali, the first of its six stops between Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad stations, to my destination Vadodara (for the 3rd National Masters Games). The 362 km would be covered in 4 hours. [The six stops – Borivali, Vapi, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Nadiad]

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