The Kid who was ‘Extreme’ – The Wizard of Fire

One cold Chandigarh morning in 2012, my little son Gautam, then about 9 years old, was sitting atop his bunk bed and seriously writing away. Nothing could disturb him. After a couple of hours he jumped down. “I’ve finished the story!” Soon my elder son Siddharth started reviewing the manuscript with him. Neat cursive writing spread over several left over pages of a previous year’s school red-and-blue lined notebook. Together they made a few changes here and there, and then they were satisfied. The story was made into a “book” and copies were distributed to the boys’ classmates before we moved from Chandigarh a month later.

The Kid who was ‘Extreme’ – The Wizard of Fire    

One day a watch mysteriously falls into Ron’s backyard. Was he chosen by someone to save the world? Was it just a watch that fell from the sky? Will he use it for good or bad?

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