A glimpse of archery

Sports Authority of India, Mumbai campus at Kandivali East was the centre for the state-level inter-school archery championship 2015, in the third week of November.

Archery sign

There were hundreds of children, with parents, teachers and coaches, and their luggage, from all over the state. Not to mention the arrows and bows, which when assembled were almost the size of some of the participants. Continue reading

On the sets of Jazbaa

Today has been much awaited. At least by the little girls who train with us at Sports Authority of India (SAI), Kandivali. Awaiting Jazbaa that hits theatres today.

Exactly a month ago, on 9th Sep 2015, the last few shots for Aishwarya Rai’s latest film Jazbaa were taken at the SAI running track. Preparation at the ground started the previous day – clean-up, painting, flags, banners, stage, backdrops. Everything that would come in the line of the lens was made perfect for the shoot.

Word spread that the film crew was looking for small girls of approximately 10 years of age and for ladies, to run in the film. The scene that was going to be shot was a school sports day where there would be a baton relay with the girls and their mothers. They needed people for the crowd too.

Shooting happened from morning to evening that day. The place was full of safari-suited security guards keeping the unwanted athletes off the ground. The coaches who train their wards at SAI were very much in the limelight, being in full control of the proceedings during the shoots. Some of us, including me, who went in the evening were lucky enough to see some of the final takes of the film. Action, cut! Action, cut!

Aishwarya Rai at SAI, Kandivali for Jazbaa

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Hills, high-rises and hockey

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) training centre in Kandivali East, Mumbai is on a hill. The entry gate is just off the Western Express Highway and the road winds up about a kilometer. There are different facilities along the way, and a housing settlement too. The road finally ends at the top of the hill, at the SAI office. This is where the suburban press of The Times of India is also located.

So near, and yet so far away from the speeding cars and bustling streets, the AstroTurf hockey ground against the backdrop of the hills and high-rises is a hidden part of Amchi Mumbai!

SAI hockey ground Mumbai

Of pigs and piglets

Babies of all species are cute. Usually not when they’re just born, but after they’ve spent a while outside the confines of their gestational/incubational container). Pigs have large litters so they always make a happy family picture. Minus the father though! There were seven of these little things, six pink and one black, scurring around their mother as she took them out to forage in the grass and green plants, on the slopes of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) campus. Their tails so like the little pigtails we see hanging down from a school girl’s head.

Mommy with babes

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Garbage burning and science

While clearing up one of the shelves at home, I stumbled upon my son Gautam’s “Composite Science” worksheet of Std 3, done in March 2011. After looking through it, I realised why I had saved it.

Q7 Give reasons – The gardener was burning garbage and my mother got angry with him.
Answer: The garbage could have been put in a compost pit and be made into manure. Continue reading