The pool that changed swimming

July 9, 1976 was the turning point of swimming in Karnataka. The swimming pool in Baldwin Girls’ High School (BGHS), Bangalore was inaugurated, and looking back, it definitely impacted competitive swimming in India as well.

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Back in the 1970s, there were only a handful of swimming pools in Bangalore for the public. The Corporation Pool at Corporation Circle, a 30 yard pool, was one of the most popular ones. It’s gone now, and buildings occupy the place where it once stood. Kensington Pool, next to Ulsoor Lake, is another old summer time recreation spot, still a sought-after swimming space, especially because it’s a 50 metre pool, ideal for competitive training.

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Postman Basappa of Mysore

Summer vacation time and it is Mysore on the mind. During our childhood, Mysore was the favourite destination. We’d always go driving in the Ambassador car. Dad and our driver Devaraj would take turns.

Bangalore –> Ramnagaram –> Channapatna –> Maddur –> Mandya –> Srirangapatna –> Mysore

As the car passed through Channapatna, my brother and I would be eagerly looking out of the windows to see the colourfully painted wooden toys. They would be strategically placed in front of the shops, hoping we would stop. Even we would be hoping the car would stop, especially when we sensed it was going a bit slower inside the town. Continue reading