Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo. What can be a more unconventional sightseeing spot than a pedestrian crossing? Not to mention we’ve been to see it twice!

Shibuya is one of the main commercial areas of Tokyo. It houses two of the world’s busiest railway stations – Shinjuku Station (busiest in the world – handles on average, over 3.6 million passengers a day) and Shibuya Station (fourth busiest in the world – handles on average, over 2.4 million passengers a day). Shibuya Station is where one needs to alight to see the Shibuya Crossing, just outside the Hachiko entrance/exit gate.

Hachinko Entrance

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Pedestrian crossing

Check out this freshly painted pedestrian/ zebra crossing on Rhenius Street (in front of Richmond Park), Richmond Town, Bangalore. Bisected by the median, pedestrians will need to be acrobats to get across this one.

Pedestrian crossing

Just what were the painters/ traffic police thinking?