Waste Management Diaries – 2 (Plastic bags/ wrapping)

When we talk of plastic, what comes to mind? Quite likely a plastic bag. 

Plastic carry bags are banned in Mumbai. Even then, plastic bags and other plastic wrapping continue to play a major role in our lives.

  • Food stuff – bread, biscuits, chips, toffees, cereal, rice, dhals, sauce packets, packaged vegetables, dosa batter, milk packets …
  • Household supplies – toothbrushes, detergent powders, shampoo sachets …
  • Bubble wrap, medicine blister packs, gift wrapping, clothes packaging …


These and much more, all contribute to the plastic bag/ wrapper waste we are generating on a daily basis.      Continue reading

My Tide bag

These days, several FMCG products, like washing powder and atta come in good quality plastic packaging. If properly segregated from other waste, these plastic wrappers fetch a good rate when sold to recyclers.

Sometimes (not always*) reusing is better than recycling. So another way ensuring that these plastic bags don’t go to landfills is by reusing them. How?

Check out my “Tide” shopping bag.