Y Nagesh Rao Manay family – pics through the years

Circa 1943
Circa 1943

My grandpa Y Nagesh Rao Manay (aka Dada), grandma Muthu Bai (Scindia) (aka Amma) and twelve of their children. The thirteenth was yet to be born. The thirteen siblings were born between 1920 and 1943. The oldest two daughters were already mothers at the time of this picture. Continue reading

My Grandpa and the Gulmohar

The Deccan Herald dated 10th June, 2010 carried a middle The Gulmohar tree, written by Navaratna Laxman. It is a short story about how “When the tree developed a huge crack, the whole locality was concerned”.

It’s a story I saved because my Grandpa, Nagesh Rao Manay (whom I never did know personally because he passed away when I was just one) finds mention in it (though his name is not spelt correctly). Continue reading