007 in our lives

We grew up with Bond, James Bond. Actually, lived with him.

Pics from Whatsapp

Yes, that was my brother Nagesh in the house. A die-hard Sean Connery fan, Nag could (and still can) rattle off bits and pieces from the movies in typical Connery style. Coming to think of it, so could the rest of us at home. To really feel the part, he had a blazer, complete with that Bond-ish bow tie. And as he drank the Thumbs Up, poured into a glass, he would imagine it was Vodka-Martini, shaken, not stirred. He drove Dad’s Ambassador as if it was an Ashton Martin. To top it all, he slept with a Walther PPK replica under his pillow.

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The importance of urban wildlife

From a distance, they look like a whole lot of black plastic garbage bags blown into the trees by a strong gust of wind. As darkness falls, one can see their arms unfold and they take off, flying between the multi-storied buildings in our Lokhandwala Township. As you have probably gathered, I’ve spent quite a few hours over the last few years watching these bats, amazed at their human-like mannerisms. Or maybe it’s the other way, where human vampires mimic bats.

Like black plastic garbage bags on the trees (Pic taken in Feb 2013)

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