Anne Frank

Anne Frank
12th Jun 1929 – Feb/Mar 1945
(died before her 16th birthday)

Anne Frank statue
Anne Frank Monument (by sculptor Mari Andriessen) at Westerkerk, near the Anne Frank Huis

Anne Frank would have been 89 today. One can say that she’d have had a fair chance of still being alive (her dad Otto Frank lived beyond 91, even after spending time in a concentration camp), if not for the Gestapo who dug the family out of 25 months of hiding (Jul 1942 – Aug 1944)… from this building no. 263 on Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

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Fort Dansborg: Sights and Secrets

This is the fourth post on Tranquebar.
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Fort Dansborg, Tranquebar is the only existing Danish Fort in India. It was built in 1620 by Danish Admiral Ove Gedde, very close to the Bay of Bengal shoreline. More about the fort can be read in the last post The fort that walled the tsunami.

P1010834-lrThe portion towards the Bay of Bengal is on two levels, extends north to south and is trapezoidal in plan. On the upper level were residences of the governor and the priests, and the church room. The space below this was used as warehouse, store room and stables for horses. The central part of the fort has four camel hump shaped domes that we couldn’t see as access was restricted. Continue reading