Crude reality

With a drop in demand for crude oil during the pandemic, the average price in April 2020 had fallen to about $20/barrel. In fact, crude oil futures fell to zero for the first time in history! Currently Crude in India is double, at about $40/barrel.

free oil

toilet paper vs oil

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Modi-Xi, an opportunity lost

Mamallapuram, 11th October 2019

Single-use plastic was certainly not discussed. Though staring them in the face, it was obviously not on their minds as Modi-Xi sipped the delicious tender coconut water.

We lost a great opportunity to replace those plastic straws with steel ones, and show the world that we’re serious about reducing the garbage burden on this earth.

20191012_Modi-Xi sipping (1)

Demonetisation on the mind

Soon after Prime Minister Modi announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on the night of 8th November, the social media busy-bodies and creative types were back in action! Over the past weeks, I’ve saved some of the interesting images shared by miscellaneous people in miscellaneous Whatsapp groups, before they get lost to time. Done a bit of my own too!



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Politics and children

“If Modi does well, then I’ll vote for him when I get to vote.”

“After 10 years? You can vote only after 10 years. And by that time you think Modi will still be there?”

“Why 10 years?”

“Elections are held every 5 years, so while I’ll get to vote in 2019, you won’t be 18 then… so you’ll have to wait till another 5 years.”

This was Gautam, aged 11, and Siddharth aged 13, discussing the upcoming elections. The conversation seemed interesting so I stepped in. Continue reading