Meeting Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is in the news… on many people’s minds, and twitter feeds, and facebook status updates. And not for a memorable film or an impactful episode of Satyamev Jayate. He said some things that some people are not happy with, and in case you do not know, you can read about it here.

In our India, people are free to say what they want to say as long as it is within the constitution’s Right to Freedom of Speech. Some people get affected and some don’t. Those who get affected are probably those who value the views of the speaker. So one needs to say things with care, and after much thinking. It becomes difficult, especially if the speaker is not far from the truth.

This raging controversy will take some time to subside, or till something else comes up to grab our attention, but the talk of Aamir Khan brought to mind my meeting with him a few months ago. It is posted on my autograph website, Just Autographs here, and reproduced below. Continue reading

Mother Teresa got my autograph collection going

If Mother Teresa was alive, she would have been 103 years old today. One of my childhood interests, collecting autographs, started with Mother Teresa. Introducing “Just Autographs”, my autograph website. Updating the collection online is still in progress. Most of the autographs are those from earlier days… the collection has grown slowly since then, but still has enough to entertain and educate! To go to the site click here.


Collecting autographs is like collecting a piece of history.

The first autograph I got in person is also my most treasured.

I was just 8 years old when I tagged along with my mother and neighbours to meet Mother Teresa at Missionaries of Charity, Bangalore in Jan 1979. My mother had told me, “She is like a saint. Don’t forget to get her blessings.” So that is what I did! I touched her little feet and I also got her autograph in my first little autograph book. The pen Mother Teresa used (I can’t remember if I gave it to her or she used someone else’s pen) did not write properly, so she signed twice. And because the autograph book was made of thin paper, the impression went through onto the next page. I’ve saved that page too.

Mother Teresa autograph 1979-01-31
More on Mother Teresa here.