Keep off the grass

Some people like grass. I mean, the kind that is greener on the other side of the fence.

Lawns are a matter of great pride in many residential layouts. “House with a lawn” is a sort of status symbol. There are people who claim to have bought flats in a particular apartment complex because of the beautiful lawns that they saw in the marketing brochures. Maybe the green carpet gives the feeling of being at the golf course. So, it is not surprising that they go up in arms if the children are found running around or sitting on the grass. A few weeks ago, I saw this complaint e-mail about how the gardeners were planting shrubs on a part of the lawn to “reduce their maintenance work”.

Grass is being replaced by shrubs
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God on leave

God must have been on leave for he wasn’t there to save them.

16th Dec 2014 Peshawar school attack: 145 dead, mostly children 

15th Dec 2014 Sydney cafe siege: 2 + gunman dead

5th Dec 2014 Uri and Tral attacks: 12 dead

3rd Nov 2014 Wagah border attack: more than 50 dead

Or this must be a part of his great plan where we humans learn how to swallow our tears and face the world toughened through our sorrow.

Now we will need to ask this God to give the parents the strength to get over the loss of the children they sent to school this morning, and the children to continue to live without their mothers and fathers who got killed for God’s sake.

The world over, trouble and terror are in the name of God. If there was no God, would there be peace without there having to be war? Maybe God is not on leave. Maybe he has never been around at all.