Looking back on Day 14 of lockdown

Get well soon



In early March, when the Corona Virus impact was peaking in Wuhan, India was just starting to take precautions. The ringing sound on phones was replaced – not by music but by a cough followed by a Corona virus message telling us to wash our hands. The message has kept changing, offering other advice to keep safe. Continue reading

On the new Tejas Express

“Faster, premium and state of the art train travel” is what the Tejas Express offers. Commencing 19th January 2020, this is the second private train in India, run by IRCTC.

On 4th Feb 2020, I caught this new train no. 82901 at Borivali, the first of its six stops between Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad stations, to my destination Vadodara (for the 3rd National Masters Games). The 362 km would be covered in 4 hours. [The six stops – Borivali, Vapi, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Nadiad]

20200204 Tejas220200204 Tejas1 Continue reading