America is still waiting

Voting day in the USA was on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020. And the world has been watching.

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Virus on a roll

So the Chinese virus has lodged itself in one of the most powerful people on earth. Someone who has supposedly had the most coronavirus tests till date. And we are not surprised. No one is immune but they didn’t believe it, did they? Election campaigning, rallies, debates – all business as usual.

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The Hay-Adams on voting day

8th November 2016. That was one historic day for the United States of America. While its citizens went out to vote, my brother Nag and his school friend Raja were comfortably seated at The Hay-Adams, Washington DC.

I was unaware that this was one of the most appropriate places to be… bang opposite The White House. I learnt that The Hay-Adams is a luxury hotel with restaurants, named after John Hay and Henry Adams, two distinguished gentlemen whose homes were located at the site where the hotel was built.

Nag brought these delightful coasters for me. I’ll keep safe, this  memory of his trip, and of the elections that has changed the course of American history.

Trump coaster

Other coasters