The last 100 days

Half of 2020 gone, and over half of this under lockdown/unlock with restrictions. Yesterday July 2, was the 100th day of lockdown that started nation-wide on March 25 in India. how lockdown feels now

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Crude reality

With a drop in demand for crude oil during the pandemic, the average price in April 2020 had fallen to about $20/barrel. In fact, crude oil futures fell to zero for the first time in history! Currently Crude in India is double, at about $40/barrel.

free oil

toilet paper vs oil

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Back to work

Tomorrow, Monday 8th June, it will be back to work in an office environment for many. Mumbai is allowing upto 10% of the workforce to be present in offices, though work from home and staggering of working hours has been recommended. Religious places, restaurants, malls are all set to open too. People are free to get back the services of their household helpers, subject to approval by the societies/resident welfare associations where they live.


waiting to go back
Waiting to go back to work!

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If things were normal…

If things were normal, Std 10 and Std 12 students wouldn’t be waiting to finish their exams. Results would be out by now. Students (my son included) would be trying for admission into college, prepping for competitive entrance exams, attending interview admissions, applying for student visas…

exam postponed

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Rotis of Affection

It’s 10 in morning and there are these 40-odd ladies (possibly some gentlemen helping too) from Whispering Palms Xxclusives in Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali East, Mumbai, busy in their kitchens. Breakfast done, they’re all rolling out rotis. Some of these will feed their families for lunch while the rest will be packed for The Roti Project.

Exclusive Warriors

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Liquor in lockdown

Liquor and other alcohol-containing drinks are weird commodities. The taxes on these are good revenue for the government, but those consuming them are messing up their minds and bodies, and the lives of their families too – and literally paying to do so.

Wine shops (the common name used to refer to booze shops in India) were forced to close for 40 days of lockdown.

total ban

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