Happy Teachers’ Day!

5th September. We loved this day in school – because we didn’t need to take any study books and there would be no lessons. We’d carry hand-made cards and flowers for the teachers instead.

It would be a day of entertainment, where senior students would take to the stage and the teachers, usually seated in the front row of the auditorium, would watch the show along with the rest of the school. The teachers would be treated to a special lunch in the school’s hostel dining room, and they’d often get some nice useful gift from the school management, on behalf of all the students.

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Advice from an 18 year old

September 20, 2019 – some very disturbing news. A friend from our neighbourhood in Mumbai lost his 18-year old son. How this exactly happened is yet to be ascertained, but given that he hadn’t been able to clear his Std 12 exams, he must have been feeling down. Whether a freak accident or an intentional act at home, the loss of a young life is heartbreaking.

While the family grapples with the situation, social media is abuzz with comments about the academic pressures on our high school children. I was reminded of a short speech by my son Siddharth a few weeks ago. Siddharth, like this young boy, did the Std 12 exams in March 2019. He was the topper in our apartment complex in Mumbai, in terms of marks obtained. On Independence Day, after the flag hoisting, our local apartment group generally recognises the achievements of children and this year he was honoured to be asked to talk to those present.

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