Colourful campaigning at Lokhand

“Lokhand has become important… See how the Chief Minister has felt the need to come here.” This was Santosh, talking to his mother Sarita, during the CM Fadnavis’ visit to Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali East on 12th Feb 2017, to campaign for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections.


Santosh is 18 years old and will be voting for the first time ever, on 21st Feb. He lives in a chawl, with his father, a security guard and mother, a house-helper. He has lived in the area all his life and seen the “development” of the high rises of Lokhandwala Township through these growing-up years. He cannot recall any CM having visited before and dragged his mom to the meeting, to get a glimpse. A couple of his college friends are also in the crowd.

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A road job well done

Incessant rains in Mumbai since last night. Even the birds are drenched!

Drenched crow
Drenched crow

In a city where rainfall, even when it is not heavy, is synonomous with flooding, the state of the roads in the Lokhandwala Circle area (Akurli Road) this year has been a pleasant surprise.

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Paying octroi for your car in Mumbai

When you move to Mumbai with a car that has been registered outside Mumbai, as per the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (levy) of Octroi Rules, 1965, the car is treated as “imported” and octroi needs to be paid. Most often, the car is driven into the city and not transported in a carrier, so the payment of octroi at that time is bypassed, either wilfully or inadvertently.

The Mumbai Municipality (BMC), in a bid to recover precious octroi revenue, regularly conducts drives at apartment complexes to look out for non-Mumbai registered cars. Owners of the car parking slots where such cars are found are sent notices by BMC, asking them to pay up the octroi due for the cars parked there.

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