Glasgow and climate change

The world’s eyes are on Glasgow, the city of James Watt, where the future will be decided.

It was in Glasgow, in 1776, that James Watt introduced the world’s first* steam engine, an engineering marvel that set the ball of industrialisation rolling, leading to the current pollution woes we are all hoping to fix.

[* Watt’s engine was really an improvement on the Newcomen engine that was already invented.]

From Berlin 1995, our leaders and the United Nations have been trying to save the world. The climate change conferences held almost every year since then (twice in some years) are great occasions to be seen and make plans. As we have realised, things have only got worse, and today we need a dinosaur to make us think about how we should live our lives so that there is a future for the human race.

This video has been doing the rounds on social media over the last few days.

My aunt Leela lives in Scotland and against the backdrop of the 26th Climate Change Conference happening right in her neighbourhood, she wrote a poem.

Life Dies describes the current situation we are in. Do please read and share, and do whatever you can to help us not go extinct.

Life dies - a poem by Leela Gautam

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