As mom turns 75, remembering dad 18 years on

A small early celebration on mom reaching 75!

September 14 is a sort of an odd situation considering that dad passed on, on the same day.

While going through old papers, mom found this lovely tribute written by one of Dad’s friends. Vaman Murti was dad’s school and college mate, and the fun part was that they played cricket together. After Dad went to Germany in 1956, Vaman followed a few years later, finally settling down in Krefeld, near Düsseldorf. We visited there in 1979. They regularly met up during his visits to India and Dad’s to Germany, the last being in September 2001.

Pictures of Dad in Germany can be seen in an earlier post here.

Vaman uncle had sent this long letter to my brother Nagesh after dad passed on, in September 2003.

Vaman letter intro

After so many decades, we see that doing honest business in India is still not so easy. There is so much that Dad could have constructively contributed, for the betterment of our country, but…

There were a few things that we hadn’t known ourselves, but we did know that Dad trusted everyone. Whatever, we’re happy that Dad touched many lives in different ways. With these written memories, looking to get back in touch with Vaman/his family.

Always in our thoughts.

Engineered life with unquestioning trust, inimitable courage and a heart of gold.
So that life for everyone else was justified.


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