Danish Siddiqui: a rich legacy

Anyone on the military frontline knows it is dangerous and life is at risk. This is the case if you are a soldier wielding a rifle or a surveyor checking coordinates or a driver carrying a truck of provisions or a cook in the barracks.

Journalists covering war are particularly vulnerable because they are in the middle of the action and it would take a hell of a lot of courage to be out there in Afghanistan, experiencing the life of a soldier with camera in hand. Such was Reuters photographer journalist, Danish Siddiqui. Yesterday, 16th July was a sad day.

Danish’s photographs brought the world to our homes. Not everyone was happy with what he showed us. Not everyone likes to see reality.

His last posts on Twitter…

Here are some of his images that are flooding the internet after his unfortunate demise.

Condolences to his young family. May they find the strength to live with his memories.

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