A changing country?

There is something not quite right. This Twitter feed I came across the other day, somewhat resonates.

The worrying part is that this ‘something not quite right’ is invisible to most of whom I interact with. This morning’s newspapers carry two articles, and the writers somewhat identify the ‘not quite right’ feeling. It is true that we didn’t get bothered by what our school friends brought for lunch, or whether or where they prayed. Call us ignorant, but we didn’t know there was something called caste, that could be used to define people. My parents would leave it blank in forms. Harijan was just the name of a newspaper.

Hindustan Times, 11th July 2021
The Times of India, 11th July 2021

Not quite sure about how things are going to turn out in the next couple of years. Take out the blindfolds and see the reality!

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