Mumbai parody

We often wish things for ourselves and our cities that may be wild dreams. I came across this entertaining parody of sorts. Pictures with a “desired” (or undesired) location caption. One needs to be familiar with Mumbai to get the essence of the creativity. No offence intended. Pictures / links from Twitter.


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Buddha Purnima 2021

As we observe the full moon tonight, we celebrate the 2583rd birth anniversary of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Our home is adorned with many different Buddha statues, including this life-sized one.

While in Hong Kong in Aug-Sep of 2019, mom and I visited Lantau Island to see the large bronze statue of the Big Buddha or the Tian Tian Buddha – Buddha Amoghasiddhi. It is located in Ngong Ping Village near the Po Lin Monastery.

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After many days

After many days, I stepped out of our apartment block, within our Whispering Palms Complex. Just a half-hour afternoon walk, to move my limbs and take in some sun.

With lockdown, understandably, there were just a few people around, going about their business. Cyclone Tauktae’s rains the other day have washed the trees and streets clean. The air too.

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Random things

My blog is a space where I save things that I think I may want to remember and revisit sometime in the future. So today I have a few picks of the past couple of weeks.

One of my friends sent this picture the other day. My mom and brother are both in this class photo of Std 2, Baldwin Boys’ High School. Mom’s friend from teacher’s training college fell terminally ill and mom went to substitute for her. She ended up teaching for most of the academic year.

BBHS, Std 2 (1981-82)

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An O2 story

Ram Grover’s posts on Twitter yesterday vividly describe the situation in possibly every Indian city. In small towns they must be gasping and dropping.

This is the state of the common man.

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