Suez Canal: The ship has moved

I’ve been tracking the Ever Given (from the Taiwanese Evergreen fleet) since I heard it was stuck, and today it has moved!

After more than 6 days of toiling, the tug boats managed to turn the 400-foot massive ship (as high as the Empire State Building) and move it into the water.

Blocking of the Suez Canal has resulted in a ship traffic jam, and loss of billions of dollars in trade.

The 25-member crew of the Ever Given is Indian

One can track ships at and this is how it looked earlier today.

On 29th March, approx 11:00 IST

Over the past few days, social media has been flooded with memes and solutions too!

So how did the ship get stuck?

This video explains.

Philosophically, yes, in our own little way, we are all stuck like the big Evergreen ship.

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