Suez Canal: The ship has moved

I’ve been tracking the Ever Given (from the Taiwanese Evergreen fleet) since I heard it was stuck, and today it has moved!

After more than 6 days of toiling, the tug boats managed to turn the 400-foot massive ship (as high as the Empire State Building) and move it into the water.

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Food peddlars in town

Push-cart and bicycle vendors were very common during our childhood in Bangalore. The sellers would announce themselves by ringing a bell or shouting out and we’d run to the compound wall with our baskets. Many of them would have a standard route and schedule. If you bought from them once, you could be sure that they’ll be looking out for you. Regular vendors like the bread man would bang on the gate to get our attention. These days, some of them play characteristic music and use a megaphone.

The flavoured ice gola seller rings a brass bell
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