So should we move from WhatsApp?

The past week, this has been the question on everyone’s mind. And people have to decide by 8th February!

To watch a video on Wion about it, click here.

To be quite honest, when I got the popup (on 6th Jan I think), I didn’t bother about it. I agreed without reading and it was like any normal day. I realised what I had done only after social media started stirring.

All apps collect personal data, some more than others. Of the bunch of messenger apps available, it looks like Facebook knows the most about each of us, and they’re extending it to their WhatsApp platform. The new terms that were in the popup are about streaming your information from WhatsApp to Facebook. [It’s just as well that I haven’t Facebook Messenger on my phone. And my WhatsApp number will get them all confused.]

A lot has been researched and shared… Many memes are doing the rounds.

Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy

People are serious about moving to other messenger services, and there are many to choose from. Telegram, Signal, Discord, Bridgefy, Slack, Snapchat, Kik, Viber, Skype, Keybase, LINE, Threema, Arattai…

Many have started migrating.

Sensing trouble and losing users, WhatsApp issued a clarification.

Whatever the final outcome, I guess people have woken up to realising that nothing is really free. We are trading our information for the convenience of the app. For those whose phones do not reflect their lives, this is something that isn’t going to make a difference. As for me, I have not uninstalled WhatsApp. Not for now.

Pictures from forwards.

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