Some Christmas cheer

The shops in our township are all stocked up. Christmas trees, streamers, twinkling lights and stars. Toys stacked outside the shops and Santa hats hanging at the windows, tempting passers-by to step inside. We haven’t been moving out of home unless necessary, so it was nice to see things looking sort of normal again.

I was suddenly reminded of the two Santa Claus soft toys that I’d picked up from our apartment’s “discarded item” pile over a year ago. They were torn in places, dirty, and the owners had decided to let them go. Some of these discards seem beyond repair and most people give them a pass as soon as they realise that there is work involved in making them look presentable.

I had kept them aside to mend (along with many other things that await attention), and hadn’t got around to doing it, until this past weekend.

Neatly sewn up, scrubbed and washed, the Santas are already with a pair of underprivileged sisters who were just thrilled to receive them. They sent me a video (screenshot below) saying “thank you Mees (miss)”.

One great video doing the rounds is DocMorris’ Christmas film #Matters of the heart.

DocMorris Christmas film # Matters of the heart

Just do what you’ve got to do. Stay fit and stay safe.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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