Class of ’62

My mom, Rukmani Nair (now Manay), hasn’t a class photo of the passing out Class of 1962, but the memories are abundant.

Always creative, while in Std XI, mom maintained a notebook in which she wrote about each of her classmates. The “Character Sketch” notebook, it seems, was a distraction, as mom used to be engrossed in it while the teachers were teaching. Mom recalls that it was confiscated by Mother Immaculate Heart, a Coorgi nun, during class and she took it away with her to the staff room, returning it only at the end of the school day. Mom guesses that she read everything she had written about the 43 girls in the class, and wasn’t amused! She told her that she can do this sort of writing after she finished high school.

While mom is still in touch with some of her class/school mates, it’s her notebook that brings back many of the memories of school. This batch was the last one that did the Std XI Bangalore European Secondary School Certificate Examination in December 1962. From the following year it was changed to a Std X school-leaving certificate.

Sacred Heart Girls’ High School
Good Shepherd Convent, Bangalore
Std XI 1962

  • Anita Abreo
  • Ahmeena A
  • Antoinette Gomes
  • Annette D’souza
  • Alki Kumari
  • Anna Rodriques
  • Amy Remidious
  • Berna D’souza
  • Colleen Shaw
  • Celeste Wilson
  • Christine Barry
  • Dagma Fernandes
  • Delise Doherty
  • Dechu Mudappa
  • Doreen D’costa
  • Draupadi V
  • Draupadi R
  • Geetha Acharya
  • Heather Faville
  • Jagbinder Kaur
  • Jacky A
  • Kusum S
  • Lalitha Menon
  • Merlyn George
  • Maureen Shillong
  • Mary Chandran
  • Meena Vig
  • Mohini Bhagwandas
  • Maria D’souza
  • Nirmala Naidu
  • Padma Magdum
  • Priya Murthi
  • Radha Rani
  • Rekha Saraf
  • Rosemary Fernandes
  • Roopali Sircar
  • Rukmani Nair
  • Satya Achayya
  • Sheila Sampath
  • Sumitra C
  • Ursula Silva
  • Violet Pearson
  • Vanajalakshmi

Perhaps, the most notable name in the list is Heather Faville. Heather was the games captain of the school and she played hockey for Mysore State, but what shot her to fame was the Miss Bangalore title. She went on to become the first runner-up at the Miss India contest 1970 and was India’s representative at the Miss World contest, making it to the top 15.

The few pictures that mom has of 1962 are of the girl guides.

Sacred Heart Girls’ High School – Girl Guides, 1962
Sacred Heart Girls’ High School – Girl Guides, 1962
Dhanalakshmi, xxx, Maheen
Arti Mehta, xxx, Bharthi, Alfeen George, Veena Shetty, xxx
Neelavani, Rukmani, Merlyn George, Lena Kapadia

And there are pictures of the teachers taken on the school picnic trip to Nandi Hills.

Sacred Heart nuns, Mother Teresa and John, at a school picnic trip to Nandi Hills, circa 1962
Sacred Heart teachers, Ms Bina, Ms Rosy, Ms Champa, Ms Bajaj, at Nandi Hills, circa 1962

Wonder how many of the Class of ’92 are still around. Mom would love to hear from them.


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