Purnima’s Navratri Golu

Navratri is a big festival in different parts of India, and what is amazing it that it is celebrated in each region in a different way. Goddess Durga (Devi) fought the demon Mahishasura for 9 nights (and 10 days) and finally defeated him on Vijaya Dashami, the last day of the festival. This year Navratri, was from October 17 to 25, but celebrations were subdued because of the corona pandemic.

In Mumbai, we usually get to see the different facets of Navratri all in our immediate vicinity. While the Bengalis have puja pandals, and the Gujaratis have the daily garba and dandiya, the Tamilians set up golus (dolls display) at home.

Purnima has lived in Mumbai for several years and Navratri is one of the busiest times of the year. Despite COVID and social distancing, the family had its usual Devi idols and golu this year too. Rather than a big step golu that is traditionally set-up, Purnima uses a window ledge and small step shelves in different parts of her home to display the idols. As part of the rituals, the clothes and accessories of Devi are changed everyday, to give a totally new look.

Usually, residents of the neighbourhood get invited to visit the golus and enjoy the food prepared for the gods and guests. This year we enjoyed the pictures.

Thanks to Purnima for the pictures.


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