Children’s Day and Deepavali greetings

14th November, Children’s Day. No matter how old we grow, our hearts still enjoy the small thrills of childhood. Happy Children’s Day!

And it’s the second day of Deepavali, Naraka Chaturdashi when the festival is traditionally celebrated in South India. This year there isn’t much to celebrate. Just grateful, in hope for better days ahead, and thoughts with those who are battling illness, and others coming to terms with the loss of near and dear ones.

(received on Whatsapp)

My cousin Sunitha who is a Biology teacher sent this cute eco-friendly Diwali message by cartoonist Rohan Chakravarty. It was done in 2018, but is really timeless.

One of my friends forwarded this message she had received about the blessings of having survived to see this Diwali. Reproduced below.

This Diwali is different. This Diwali is not about whether my house is sparkling clean, it is not about whether I have prepared a variety of mithais and namkeens, it is not about whether I have that perfect ethnic attire and jewelry for the occasion, it is not about a bucketful of bucks I would be spending on shopping and firecrackers, it is not about having a grand vacation at an exotic location, it is not even about whether I got a promotion or a raise.

This Diwali is more about Survival. It is about being grateful that we are still able to breathe and alive for this day. It is about being thankful for the love and care from our loved ones. It about being with the family under one roof and spending time together. It is about lighting a diya for all those dear and near souls who left us. It is about extending support and spreading cheer to family and friends who have lost their people. It is about spreading happiness to those who have suffered losses in jobs and businesses.

This Diwali is more about being hopeful, for a healthy and happy tomorrow.

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