Virus on a roll

So the Chinese virus has lodged itself in one of the most powerful people on earth. Someone who has supposedly had the most coronavirus tests till date. And we are not surprised. No one is immune but they didn’t believe it, did they? Election campaigning, rallies, debates – all business as usual.

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Twitter’s response to the tweets hoping “he” dies

No one should wish Covid-19 on anyone. I do hope the President and his wife come though this, as do all the others who are infected with the virus.

So was it Hope Hicks who infected everyone? Are they doing contact tracing? They’ve been up and about and everywhere so that’s a tough one. The trusted aide who was the first in the team to test positive, has been followed into Covid isolation by many more apart from the President and First Lady. The list is growing far beyond Hope Hicks’ recent travel contacts… Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, Ronna McDaniel, Mike Lee, Thom Tillis, Bill Stephein….

It takes many days for someone exposed to the virus to develop symptoms so even those testing negative could be infected.

As the news of the President testing positive surfaced, some suspected the announcement to be a hoax, and an old tweet started doing the rounds.

The internet started flooding with memes. Getting Covid-19 is certainly not funny, so let’s use them as stress busters rather than anything seriously meaningful.

Several world leaders have been infected by the virus over the past six months.

So as the President gets treated with an antibody cocktail, among other things, we hope for recovery. Election day isn’t far away.

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