On Dad’s birth anniversary

Looking back at his youthful days, on Dad’s 89th anniversary.

Venkoba Manay went to Germany in 1956, as a 25-year old, eager to learn and achieve. He spent his prime years, studying and working, learning structural design, a field in which he gained proficiency and became well-accomplished.

Leaving Bangalore to go to Germany, December 1956

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Dad often said that if he hadn’t gone to Germany, he’d have made it to the Mysore State Ranji cricket squad. We have just this one picture of him and his teammate Col Ramesh in their Mysore University blazers.

Here are some glimpses of his life in Germany in those days, 1956 onwards.

After Dad went, many of his friends followed. Most of them stayed back in Germany and made their lives there. Dad came back to India in the mid-1960s, and that’s how we’re here!


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