On Dad’s birth anniversary

Looking back at his youthful days, on Dad’s 89th anniversary.

Venkoba Manay went to Germany in 1956, as a 25-year old, eager to learn and achieve. He spent his prime years, studying and working, learning structural design, a field in which he gained proficiency and became well-accomplished.

Leaving Bangalore to go to Germany, December 1956
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One of India’s finest engineers

Visvesvaraya is a household name in Karnataka. There are roads, localities, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, museums, among other things, named after him in the state.

Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1860-1962) was an eminent civil engineer, statesman and the Diwan of Mysore. He was responsible for the design and implementation of several irrigation, dam, water supply and flood protection projects all over India. For his contributions to the public good, the Queen knighted him in 1915.

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Happy Teachers’ Day!

5th September. We loved this day in school – because we didn’t need to take any study books and there would be no lessons. We’d carry hand-made cards and flowers for the teachers instead.

It would be a day of entertainment, where senior students would take to the stage and the teachers, usually seated in the front row of the auditorium, would watch the show along with the rest of the school. The teachers would be treated to a special lunch in the school’s hostel dining room, and they’d often get some nice useful gift from the school management, on behalf of all the students.

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Sustainable decentralised waste management

This article about the Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM) model of waste management has been published on Citizen Matters, Mumbai. In two parts, it can be read on these two links:
> Let’s not waste ‘waste’: In pursuit of the ideal waste management solution
> COVID-19 lockdown: how waste segregation methods derailed in one Mumbai township

Image source: harmony1.com
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