Being at Christ University’s Media Meet 2020

Last week (27-29 August 2020) was Media Meet, the annual conference of the Department of Media Studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Bangalore. This was the 11th edition and the theme chosen for 2020 was “Media Literacy”.

Held online over three days, the meet provided students the opportunity to hear from academicians, researchers, and practitioners on Media Literacy, and interact with them on topics related to media.

It was an honour to be on one of the panels “Community Stories & Media Literacy“. As Community Anchor of Citizen Matters, I talked about the importance of Citizen Journalism in bringing news to people.

The entire Day 1 recording can be seen on YouTube. The Community Stories & Media Literacy session starts at about 6:35:00. You can hear my introductory remarks at 7:28:00 (for about 10 minutes), answer to questions at 8:06:25, closing lines from everyone at 8:14:45.

Media Meet 2020 Day 1

Media (print, television, radio, social media, etc.) can transform citizen thoughts, beliefs and behaviour, and hence plays a very important role in society. In this day with the circulation of so much of fake news, being media literate will help people sift it from the real.

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