All about face masks

TOI masthead on Sunday

After all the controversy about face masks (you can read about the WHO point of view in April 2020 here, that says that healthy people need not wear masks), it is quite clear that face masks play a major role in reducing the spread of Covid-19, for everyone.

The masks do not have to be fancy or complex or expensive. Just functional. If they are washable and reusable, it’s a welcome bonus for the municipality’s waste management machinery that has been overly burdened these past few months.

Most importantly, the masks should be worn properly for maximum utility. Masks that hang around the neck are akin to helmets that hang on the riders’ arms.

Here is a collection of entertaining and educative forwards that will hopefully help you to mask-up the odd one



trump earlier


german joke

22nd May 2020, the US President is finally seen with a mask

ear mask

wearing a mask

result of mask

reverse mask

ad opp

not on chin

furure T

lipstick mask

painted masks

skin mask



matching mask

leaf masks

N95 valve banned

N95 valve mask
21st July 2020, Valve masks are not to be worn as Covid-19 protection

bridal mask

fancy face masks

designer masks
Tell the designer mask people that we need to chase the virus, not impress it

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