The importance of urban wildlife

From a distance, they look like a whole lot of black plastic garbage bags blown into the trees by a strong gust of wind. As darkness falls, one can see their arms unfold and they take off, flying between the multi-storied buildings in our Lokhandwala Township. As you have probably gathered, I’ve spent quite a few hours over the last few years watching these bats, amazed at their human-like mannerisms. Or maybe it’s the other way, where human vampires mimic bats.

Like black plastic garbage bags on the trees (Pic taken in Feb 2013)

bats on tree

staring down
Staring down (Pic taken in Jan 2015)

With the outbreak of Covid-19, and the linkage to bats, people in the township, who earlier thought they were birds flying around, have become aware of their existence.  Many are bothered about their continued presence – the understandable fear of nurturing the virus in our own yard lurks.  People are, in fact, worried about having any other living creatures moving in their vicinity, cats and dogs included.

Please read my brother Nagesh’s article in today’s Deccan Herald newspaper, that has a perspective about bats and other urban wildlife.

IN PERSPECTIVE by Nagesh Manay
Deccan Herald, 24th July 2020, Page 8

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