The last 100 days

Half of 2020 gone, and over half of this under lockdown/unlock with restrictions. Yesterday July 2, was the 100th day of lockdown that started nation-wide on March 25 in India. how lockdown feels now

Some of my friends and acquaintances say that they feel like whales in a swimming pool. The family bonds are saturated. On the other hand, those who live alone want company.

swimming in circles


isolation fun

potato lockdown

Some can’t stay indoors any longer – they’re visiting friends’ and relatives’ homes, they’re walking the streets, they’re sitting on the footpaths and watching the traffic go by, they’re meeting in the parks, they’re going out to exercise. Some prefer to be by themselves while others can be seen in groups. People have different social needs and different frames of mind. There’s no right or wrong, as long as basic precautions are taken (proper face mask worn, maintain distance) and the activity falls within the boundaries prescribed by the governing authorities. Most importantly, not endangering the lives of others. Then hope that others are also doing the same, and leave the rest to Lady Luck.

common sense

For some, the lockdown has not made much of a difference. This picture pretty much sums up our family. We four have stayed home with no socialising for the last 100 days, except online or on the phone of course! Fortunately our situation is such that we didn’t need to go out except for essentials – my husband and I both work from home, computer-aided, our elder son had online classes and online exams, and our younger son finished the Std 12 boards before the lockdown and is totally footloose.


We have a women’s runners group in the neighbourhood and as you can imagine, everyone is waiting to get back to running in the open. Some have already started going out to run when the roads are less crowded, while others are being cautious. Apart from the virus, the rains are a deterrent.

sun or rain

When I told someone that I’ve been running/walking about 2K-5K inside the house quite regularly, she couldn’t believe it. I myself wouldn’t have thought it was possible, until organisations started announcing indoor runs/yoga/workouts in lieu of outdoor events that could not be held because of the lockdown. Over the last 100 days, I’ve done about 15 such events, and there are some crazy women who have participated in over 40 of them! Running outside with a mask is difficult and not recommended, so most us are running indoors. Forget 5K, many are doing 10K, some even 50K! My friend Purnima ran 10K this morning, and all inside one room so as to not disturb the others in the house.

Purnima run 3-Jul
Purnima runs indoors

The financial crisis is like no other we’ve seen. Business are trying to get back on their feet. There are many that are going to be struggling for a long time. There are many that will wind up. Thousands of people are without any income. Many employers have had to layoff their workers or make them take salary cuts – because no orders means no work.

business situation

value employees


The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 lasted 2 years and killed over 500,00,000 people. In the six months of Covid-19, published sources record about 5,20,000 lives lost worldwide, with daily increments of over 5,000. (Source: worldometers)
There is nothing to indicate that the end of the corona virus is anywhere near.

current corona

With six months to go…

waiting for 2 things

Till then, spare a thought of empathy for those who are forced to be out there to serve us. essential worker

thank you

Wear a mask. Wash hands with soap. Maintain social distancing.

wear mask

wash hands

6 ft away


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