Crude reality

With a drop in demand for crude oil during the pandemic, the average price in April 2020 had fallen to about $20/barrel. In fact, crude oil futures fell to zero for the first time in history! Currently Crude in India is double, at about $40/barrel.

free oil

toilet paper vs oil

crude oil

buying oil

The petrol and diesel prices are set at 6:00 a.m. every day, and they vary from state to state because of the state local taxes. They are linked to the crude oil price and should increase or decrease as it moves up or down. But this hasn’t always been the case. The prices remained unchanged in April/May (even though crude was cheap) but from June 7, they increased every day.

Modi younger

old tweet

compare prices

pm cares

June 24 was the climax – for the first time ever, diesel (Rs 78.88/litre) cost more than petrol (Rs 79.76/litre) in Delhi. (Source:Indian Oil)

petrol cheaper

tell me more

then n now

air fresheners

rising curve

petrol vs beer
Petrol or Chilled beer – the choice is yours



you filled fuel

eco friendly bike


fine ok
Lockdown rule: Only single person on bike allowed Reality: We prefer the fine, it’s cheaper for us

almost century

fuel 29-Jun-2020

Today the prices increased again. A century is not out of reach!

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