Thoughts this Father’s Day

When we were growing up in Bangalore, we were not aware of Father’s Day (or of Mother’s Day either). It was more like their respective birthdays were their special days! And of course, we would like to believe that they did feel special being around us every day as well.

Another day to celebrate should not hurt though. The more the celebration, the more the wheels of the economy will move around. In America, Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June, and a national holiday. Over the last few years, this day has become popular in India as well. I doubt Dad would have cared much about any celebration on Father’s Day, but now that we know about it, it’s a day when we wish he was around to tell him how much we appreciated everything he did for us.

Bangalore, August 1974

On 21st June we always remember our maternal grandfather, C.S.A. Nair. This picture was taken by my pen-friend Toots when she visited Bangalore in 1990. Youthful and sprightly, he was almost 82 at that time. He probably took bus route 142 from Domlur to Nanjappa Circle, and then would have walked up to our house in Richmond Town. Tucked-in shirt, buttoned at the cuffs, belted trousers, booted, sipping tea with biscuits and mixture, newspaper at hand. Grandpa would have been 112 today.

Grandpa 1990
Bangalore, February 1990

I’d written a post about Grandpa in 2014, which can be read here.


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