Home delivery

The view from our 9th floor road-facing balcony is refreshing even in the sweltering afternoon. With quite a bit of vehicular movement, it’s not as quiet as a couple of weeks ago, but one can still hear the birds. Quiet compared to the pre-lockdown “normal”.

the road

As I looked down at the road, it didn’t take long to realise that most of those below were out to do deliveries. Very purposeful in their movements. No dilly-dallying. While the motorised bikes were zipping, for the bicycle riders it was muscle power. Some were finding it easier to just walk with their loads. The emptiness on the road must definitely have been a relief. Road freedom of sorts.

(Note that the loiterers enjoy the same freedom. They come out at dusk, once the sun retreats.)

Most of us have stayed home over the last 70-odd days, not even having the need to step out of our buildings. Our township is a place where we can get anything delivered home – even a bunch of safety pins from the shop across the road. Though this wasn’t happening in the initial weeks of lockdown, we’re back to the point where a call or a click is all it takes to get served.

With one or two coronavirus positive cases in our buildings, we all get into a state of panic. Here we have delivery people who often travel several kilometres to reach us, and who need to visit multiple places where the virus could be lurking. No “work from home” option. Without them the supply chain would be hanging at a loose end. By the work they do, they are putting themselves at risk. Most definitely, they do it because they need to earn. (If they enjoy it, which could also be the case, it’s a bonus.) While we try to stay safe, we acknowledge the immense contribution of the delivery workers in making this even possible for us.

Eternally grateful to these folks for the services they are rendering. Hope that the employers too give them their due.


Pictures taken this afternoon, from the 9th floor

Ah! Rest.

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