Waiting for the locusts in Mumbai

The news has been all over social media since last night. The locusts were heading towards Mumbai and expected to be storming into our homes today.

locusts to enter mumbai

This afternoon, the alarm was sounded. There were sightings all over Mumbai, as the locusts moved in our direction towards Kandivali. Many pictures and videos of the locusts were doing the rounds. Some were on glass windows, some on nets and meshes. We closed our doors and windows at home. We were not quite ready to host them.



locust update

at gokuldham


Some locusts were quicker then us. There were pictures of them inside houses in our area, even caught, to be served for dinner.




While locusts destroy crops, they’re very sought after in certain parts of the world. They’re edible, raw – fresh or dried, or cooked – roasted, fried or smoked. As with most insects, they’re high in protein and served as a delicacy, particularly in many African, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries.


locust food

Well, we’ll just have to wait for this delicacy dinner in Mumbai. It seems the locusts aren’t coming our way as yet.


dont worry

no trains

Quite a relief. With the Covid-19 on a rampage, we have enough on our plate in Mumbai. Literally!


Pictures from miscellaneous Whatsapp groups

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