Eid Mubarak


Eid-ul-Fitr, the festival of breaking the fast is here. The month long holy month of Ramzan (the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar) is finally over, with the moon having been sighted in India last night.

chand mubarak

With extended lockdowns all over India, this Ramzan could possibly have been one of the most trying for those who were observing Roza (daily fasts). Traditionally, there are get-togethers or Iftar parties every evening after sun-down, to break the fast, held at different homes. Even local and national leaders hold Iftar parties, inviting people in their neighbourhoods. Nothing like this in 2020, with lockdown and social distancing.

Today my Whatsapp feed is flooded with beautiful greetings, a few shared below.


Eid is a time when there are large gatherings in the mosques and in all the Muslim homes. Relatives and friends all meet up. New clothes. Hugs aplenty. Today though, people are exercising caution and taking preventive measures to keep the coronavirus at bay. Most are celebrating Eid at home, and in a modest way.









I do miss the biryani that we always receive from our neighbours in Bangalore. (Mom got her share!) Thanks to my good friend Sameera in Mumbai, I had delicious kheer that was sent across to my flat, ensuring social distancing.


Hope, health and happiness. This is what the world needs.
And a big smile!



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