Positively negative

President Trump has been getting tested for Covid-19 everyday, ever since his personal valet tested positive for the virus a couple of weeks ago. And he’s been consuming hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) of his own accord.

virus relieved

The President is safe for now. Yesterday’s test was positive in a negative way.
“I tested very positively in another sense this morning.” 
“I tested positively toward negative, right?”
“I tested perfectly this morning.”
“Meaning I tested negative.”
“But that’s a way of saying it – positively toward the negative.”


The President sure is entertaining!

13th March 2020

no nancy

The HCQ Story…


try HCQ

HCQ threat India

taking it


after HCQ

youre welcome

just like that

The disinfectant story…




drink lysol


two types

Pics from social media forwards, are the property of their owners. Thanks for making us smile.


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