If things were normal…

If things were normal, Std 10 and Std 12 students wouldn’t be waiting to finish their exams. Results would be out by now. Students (my son included) would be trying for admission into college, prepping for competitive entrance exams, attending interview admissions, applying for student visas…

exam postponed

If things were normal, children would be preparing to return to school after the summer break. New brown-paper wrapped books, new schoolbags, waiting to meet their friends…

school in phone


If things were normal, parents wouldn’t be tearing their hair out…

parents vaccine

day 7 of homeschool

If things were normal, undergrad students would be in exam halls doing final exams…

exam table
My older boy, all set for 2nd semester online exams at home

online tests

no cheating

If things were normal, online classes would never have been…

cambridge online lectures


If things were normal, we’d have the IPL to distract everyone from serious work. Tracking the orange cap, television into midnight, looking for excuses to skip going to the office. Watching other sports too…

no cricket

corona score

watching football

If things were normal, we’d be out for daily walks. We’d be at Sports Authority of India grounds, running and working out every other day. No eyes on the weighing scale…

walk around block


weighing scale

If things were normal, the swings in the parks wouldn’t stop swinging…

lonely swings

If things were normal, we’d have seen a few movies in the malls…

drive-in theatre

If things were normal, we’d be jostling for space on the Mumbai locals…

missing the local train

If things were normal, we’d have been visiting grandparents and family in Bangalore. With the board exams and Covid-19, we haven’t seen them in almost a year!

visiting relatives

to family

If things were normal, we’d have gone for a vacation some place, before stepping into the next academic year…

emotional baggage

travel plan

next vacation

If things were normal, our culinary skills would not have been discovered…


If things were normal, we’d never have known that Borivali National Park could look like a yellow carpet…

BNP deer

If things were normal, the sensex would be close to crossing 45K… our stocks would be doing great…

sensex 2020

If things were normal, barbers and beauticians wouldn’t be out of work…


mona lisa

If things were normal, we’d have been oblivious of the plight of many of our fellow Indians. Things need to change…

walking home

If things were normal, we wouldn’t worry about visiting a hospital…


If things were normal, we’d be busy with projects. Now only “nil GST returns” to file…

trolley problem


If things were normal, climate change would be in a different context…

climate change

Well, life is far from what we used to call “Normal”.

normal never was

2020 has been a strange year…

in retrospect

happy 2020

2020 new year party


does not count

stay alive

We still have 7 months left in 2020…

enjoy the moments

Pictures from Whatsapp forwards/social media are the property of their creators

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