Becoming AtmaNirbhar

आत्मनिर्भर AtmaNirbhar = Self reliant

12th May 2020, awaiting PM’s speech at 8 p.m.


first cut

pm on twitter

local vocal

good intentions

If a foreign company makes a corona vaccine will we not use?

pm atma

Does this mean buy Made in India or buy Make in India or both? What happens to the products of all the MNCs who were invited to set up manufacturing facilities? Is the focus on reducing imports? People are confused.made vs make



say no

check manuf
Apart from MRP and Expiry Date, we’ll check for Made in India


It can mean a whole lot else!


nir bhar

self reliance


already 2 months




own currency


provide own needs

Nirbhar after all.

trump ventilators

20 lakh crore stimulus package. Where will the money come from? Will the printing presses be working overtime? Or it is just notional?

15k each


There aren’t even so many rupees!

who gets



our own money


Make in India is definitely a good thing. We have people, and people need jobs. It’s not going to be easy with the kind of procedures in place and with total absence of timelines. On no account should the environment and native residents be compromised in the process of AtmaNirbhar, but setting up a business must not be a challenge for anyone. Read below the Whatsapp forward.

Yesterday, someone has forwarded the following WhatsApp message on one of the groups in which we have officers of all services (IAS, IPS, IRS, IRTS, etc.) of our batch.

The message was the following:

Why #AtmaNirbharta may be a challenge for India.

May 2018: Tesla China incorporated
July 2018: Tesla signs deal with Shanghai govt for building Gigafactory
Dec 2018: Groundbreaking for Gigafactory
Dec 2019: First China built Tesla Model 3s rolls out of facility

If this was India…

May 2018: Tesla files application for incorporation
July 2018: First babu rejects it for not having seal in Form 6 annexure B page 102
Sep 2018: Second babu rejects it for missing address in affidavit
Dec 2018: Random dude files PIL citing pollution
Feb 2019: High Court gives date in Feb 2020 for hearing the case
Feb 2020: Case dismissed
Mar 2020: Some NGO takes out a protest march against Elon Musk, because musk is from deer and they are harmed during its production
Jun 2020: Govt which gave land, loses the election
Aug 2020: New Govt cancels land grant citing corruption
Sep 2020: Babu gives a list of 76 NoCs from 64 departments to be obtained for Factory construction
Feb 2021: One more babu issues a stop work order, citing illegal conversion of farm land to Factory use
Mar 2021: Random NGO files curative petition in Supreme Court for review of High Court order citing environmental concern
July 2021: Supreme Court appoints a reserve bench for evaluating concerns and gives date in Mar 2025
Mar 2025: SC dismisses appeal in a 10k page judgement
Sep 202: Construction of factory starts
Dec 2025: Workers go on strike for poor wages, Additional secretary of the Labour department issues a Notice for violation of the Labour act
Dec 2026: Indian customs hold imported machinery in port citing wrongful declaration and impose 600% penalty
June 2027: Local parties do a dharna in front of factory asking for 80% local quota
Sep 2027: RBI files a case for violation of Foreign Exchange Management Act
Mar 2028: CBIC sends notice for the GST slab for Electric Vehicles above certain KV and Luxury cess
Jan 2029: Factory is ready, but power and water connection not there because of lack of NoC
Apr 2029: Power connection given but production cannot start as CM is busy
May 2029: Elon Musk retires to the Himalayas after his battle with the Indian govt and its babus

This message was extremely critical of the civil servants of India and yet not one civil servant disagreed with the message. If you are indeed an honest and upright businessman, you would have to perhaps face the same consequence in setting up your business as described in the message above. It is an irony that the most of the civil servants who agree with this post and publicly criticize such bureaucracy would do precisely the same if they are in the seat of power. They do it because they know it very well that they can get away with it.

We will just need to wait and see how the plan unfolds in the weeks ahead.

Pictures are from Whatsapp forwards, and are the property of their respective creators.

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