I’m ok

There’s strumming in the distance.
The jazz, the rock, the band.
His guitar’s now up on its feet.
Come fast, hold my hand.

Three years of the illness.
The will to fight has gone.
Please look after yourself.
I don’t think I can hold on.

The last month was a struggle.
Good days here and there.
The coughs, the gasps, pain deep inside.
I’m ok, a smile, take care.

How are you Bala Uncle?
I’m ok. Take care.

Memories. Random memories.

Bala uncle with A and N
Bachelor Boy visits, 1970s
Bala as a boy
From mom’s album, Bala in dark shorts, 1950s
AM wed
Giving me away, May 1996
nair siblings
The Nair siblings, Bangalore, Jan 2020
Kanheri Caves, Mumbai, Jan 2014
Pune zoo
Pune Zoo, Jan 2005
Bala fam 1991
We four, 1991
Gpa 80
Domlur, Bangalore, Dec 1994
Mumbai 2010
Weary travellers at Kalanagar house, Mumbai, Apr 2010
17/07/1950 – 04/05/2020

2 thoughts on “I’m ok

  1. Joseph Britto May 6, 2020 / 1:46 pm

    C.S Balachandran Nair………Nice lovely Memories of a Loving person. Will be greatly missed by his several friends.


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