Likely extension of lockdown

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With about 3 days to go for the 3-week lockdown to end, the number of COVID-19 positive cases in India has crossed 7,000 with close to 250 fatalities. The last few days have seen a surge, with the worrying thing being that we have cases being detected after death. The states of Odisha and Punjab have extended the lockdown till 30th April, and this is likely to happen in other states / nationally as well. We’ll know soon.

possible extension

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till april 14

China is one place where the lockdown has been lifted, and reports indicate that people are flooding the streets. We’ll need to watch and see the impact. Many parts of the world are currently locked down / applying circuit-breakers, partially or completely. The number of deaths worldwide has crossed the 100,000 mark.

cases overview 11-4-20 16hrs

People have been told to stay home, practice social distancing everywhere and wear a mask in public. Face masks are now mandatory in Mumbai, and the world over, people are being encouraged to use masks.

data in clouds

but sadly, despite the clean air, we need to keep our faces covered. 

trump mask

bank visit


While we’re all trying our best to stay safe at home, there are many restless people out there. Those who are regularly stepping out are the dangerous ones who could carry the virus back home.

breaking lockdown
Quarantine violators in Columbia


The ones who are busy on social media are a blessing for all of us, as long as they don’t put out disturbing fake news. They continue to dig into archives, pull out interesting trivia, philosophize and lighten the stress of the corona virus pandemic.

survival of laziest



wimbeldon insurance

HCQ joke

trump on HCQ


distance marriage


bai sexual

bar vimbar

kitchen sink

airport codes

Hum Tum

indian doc


office shoes

McD logo

corona toy

hanging toy

car mileage

nothing is impossible

balcony exercise

dennis food

9 months

sleep talk


couple for distancing

italian sense of humour


cognitive reframing

While we’re trying to keep clean and safe, let us try to keep our surroundings clean and safe too.

litter bugs

All the images posted are from Whatsapp / Facebook forwards and owned by their creators. Thank you for making us smile and think and be grateful! Stay safe.

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